The Bar

The Bar

Bar Canigó

Since 1922

According to the term, Bar describes a place where customers consume alcoholic (or not) drinks, aperitif, coffee, infusion and some dishes like tapas, sandwiches or salads.

The bar is, furthermore, a popular social phenomenon that marked not only the culture as the own habit across generations. Today, despite the recent technologic changes, it's still the favourite meeting point among friends, lovers & colleagues, and family too!

The most common easiest formula to meet in these places is: see you at the corner bar.


Monday to Tuesday:  10 h a 2 h
Friday: 10 h a 3 h
Saturday: 20 h a 3 h
Service of terrace in the square

What we offer you

What we offer you

  • Breakfast


    Do you want a modest coffee with milk & croissant or a Serrano ham-filled French stick? Would you fancy then ham cheese sandwich with a freshly squeezed orange juice? Maybe you prefer Canigó's baguette filled specialities, freshly made, accompanied by a draft beer. Breakfast offers at popular prizes from 10am to 12am.

  • Vermouth & Tapas

    Vermouth & Tapas

    Take an appetizer with our home-cooked tapas like tuna filled eggs, anchovies with pa amb tomàquet, our well-known marinated olives or escopinyes with a vermouth of the house served in the same old glass as always, even from an authentic sifó if you prefer.

  • Sandwiches & Toasts

    Sandwiches & Toasts

    We have our sandwiches & toasts, prepared with fresh-baked bread of day waiting for you. We combine first quality ingredients to make you enjoy with the mouth-watering results, like an anchovy cheese toast or an escalivada tuna toast.

  • Salads


    For the lunchtime we offer a salad selection with fresh natural ingredients, of course, made at the time of serve with extra virgin olive oil or sauce.

  • Beers


    Draft beer, stubby, in a glass, in a jar, with lemon or gluten-free; loyal to our principle the well beer, well served, is the brew of excellence at Canigó, where you could also find some artisan beer.

  • Cocktail


    We have spirits from the best first brands, both national and international, as well as our mojitos and caipirinhes, prepared with excellent materials. You can't f miss the pomada (lemon gin), Menorcan typical recipe, also typical at Canigó.



Historic photo of the bar

There are two relevant facts in 1922's Barcelona: the opening of the city's Historic database, in Ciutat Vella* and on July 1st the opening of the Bar Canigó. With the discovering of Tutankhamen's tomb, there are no other anniversaries of major events that year.

Mr Pep Parcerisas, grandfather of the actual owners, acquired the local of an old cellar where he worked time ago and started to sell drinks, for lesser than a peseta, before the Spanish Civil War.

He named the bar Canigó for a laconic reason: friend from the owner of the actually closed Montseny bar, he chose another emblematic mountain from our lands to name his. No more poetry needed.

Time goes by, everything change, lots of things happened and his son, Mr Miquel del Canigó took the reins of the business. Besides her wife, Ms Mª Enriqueta, whose potato omelette and croquettes were unbeatable, they served not only breakfasts but home-made dishes still mentioned by customers from that time.

The "little girls", Mr Pep's granddaughters, adapt to people's evolution, transformed into a night bar until few year when the founder's third grandson and his great-granddaughter came back to near centenary family business. They re-opened from the mornings to grant you sixteen hours a day of Canigó, same as always, same with the people.

*Ciutat Vella (literally in Catalan "Old Town") is a Barcelona neighbourhood.